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I'm Alex Lacey and What About The Woo is my little production company. It's mainly me, writing odd shows, doing gigs, and talking about owls. God, I love owls. I'd have to say my favourite owl of all time is the Malaysian Fish Owl, but I do have a bit of a weakness for a Snowy. I'm only human after all.

If you'd like to know more about my current show, Alex Lacey Is Killing Jim, or you'd like to know when I'm performing next, fill in my contact form and I'll keep you posted. Don't be surprised if a few owl photos turn up in your email too. I like to spread the word.

Follow The Way Of The Owl, and your hoot shall be happier, your beak sharper and your feathers fluffier. 

Random owl fact

An owl has 14 vertebrae in its neck, compared to just seven in a human being, allowing it to rotate its head as much as 270 degrees. 

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