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Alex Lacey is Marrying Jim

or The Show I Wrote As A Thinly Veiled Excuse To Stalk A Poor, Unsuspecting Singer Into Marital Submission Through The Medium Of Various Fringe Festivals, And Where Necessary, Rohypnol

Meet Alex, an incurable romantic with a borderline personality disorder and a pair of night vision goggles. After several failed affaires de coeur, she's made it through 'The Cumberbatch Years' and has written an entire one-woman show as an excuse to stalk her latest paramour, Jim, a singer she once almost met. The only hurdle is that Jim is blissfully unaware of their relationship, even as Alex eagerly waits for him to propose. 

Join her on her quest to find and marry her true love, delve into the inner recesses of her psyche and emerge amused, bewildered and more than a little afraid. If you've always dreamed of helping a maniac live out her fantasies, of being ordained as a minister or if you're simply curious about the most effective method of stalking a celebrity, this is the show for you. 

Check out where you can see the show here

Random owl fact

The largest of all owls is arguably the Eurasian Eagle Owl, although the Great Grey Owl can be slightly longer and Blakiston's Fish Owl is usually heavier.

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