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Alex Lacey is Killing Jim

or The Show I Wrote As An Excuse To Gain Final Closure From My Failed And Possibly Imaginary Relationship With A Poor Unsuspecting Singer And Ensure My Audience Are Complicit In My Crime

Since marrying the man of her dreams amid a flurry of owls and confetti at last year's Edinburgh Fringe, Alex has been sadly forsaken by her new husband, Jim. After many failed attempts to find closure, she has been led to one inevitable conclusion: Jim. Must. Die.

And you must help. Join our friendly sociopath as she recovers from heartbreak and plans her revenge. If you've even wondered at the best method for murder, if you'd like to wander through the mind of a maniac, or if you just enjoy watching a slightly deranged woman leap about in an owl costume, this is the show for you.

More info on where you can see this show here.

Random owl fact

Owls have not one, not two, but three eyelids on each eye. One is for sleeping, one for blinking and one for cleaning those big owl eyes.

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